Due to the custom nature of cookies it is hard to outline a hard and fast rule for pricing. Cost depends on size, complexity of design, techniques, number of colours, sprinkles, metallics, as well as packaging.

Below are some guidelines:

Cookies start at $40.00/dozen for standard size cookies

Price increases with more colours, larger cookies, elaborate designs, some varieties of sprinkles or edible metallic cookie paint (which is to die for by the way!) 



Cookies come in a stamped L.O.S bakery box unless individual packaging is requested. 

Packaging is available in two options. Cellophane bag, gathered and tied with ribbon in colour of your choice or folded cleanly with a L.O.S sticker on the back. Examples are below. 

.50 Cents/Per Cookie

Some jerseys headed to a local hockey te
Christmas Bus Cookies

Frequently Asked Questions

I am happy to accept cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card

Delivery Upon Request 




Is there a minimum order?

For standard cookies there is a minimum of a dozen and for mini cookies there is a minimum of 2 dozen. 

How  much do your cookies cost?

Each set of cookies is unique, just like the price. Metallics, artisan sprinkles, technique and size can all influence price.

Are you cookies nut free?

My sugar cookie recipe does not have any nuts or nut butters in it however our kitchen is a peanut friendly zone so unfortunately I cannot guarantee that they have not come into contact with any nut products. 

Can I freeze my cookies? Will it ruin the icing?

I've learnt from the greats that the best way to freeze your cookies is to place them in an airtight container with sheets of parchment paper in between the layers. When you take the container out of the freezer keep it sealed until everything has come to room temperature. 

Do you make character cookies?

As cute as some of the characters out there are, I would love to create you a set that is inspired by your favourites without directly copying the art as well as respecting copyright laws. If there is a graphic you would like to use, and you own it or have permission to use it, I would be more than happy to make it edible.